Maryland potter, sculptor, ceramic historian and ceramic educator
452 Laurel Valley Ct.                                                                                                            Jayne E, Shatz, PhD
Arnold, MD, 21012                                                                                                               [email protected]
410-757-6351                                                                                                                        www.jayneshatzpottery.com

PROFESSIONAL                              Conference Producer ; (Clay Connection Mid Atlantic Clay Conference,
ACCOMPLISHMENTS                    (Professional Craft Expo), Professional Ceramist; Ceramic Historian,
                                                             Writer, Director of Ceramics (SUNYA College of Continuing Studies, 
                                                             Hudson Valley Community College/The Art Center, Program in Contemporary
                                                             Craft); Program Founder (Hudson River Potter's Co-op, Albany Ceramic                                                                                                     Institute); Ceramic Educator (Shenendehowa Schools, Rensselaer
                                                             Polytechnic Institute); Potter (Jayne Shatz Pottery, Kilnhaus Potters)

PRESENT POSITIONS                    2018-76    Jayne Shatz Pottery, Maryland potter, ceramic historian and teacher
                                                             2018-07    Co-Producer of the Clay Connection Mid Atlantic Clay Conference
                                                             2016-12    President, The Potters Guild of Annapolis
                                                             2014         Mentor, The Potters Council

PREVIOUS POSITIONS                 2005-1987 Ceramic/Sculpture Teacher, Shenendehowa High School, NY
                                                            1995-84     Director of Ceramics, Hudson Valley Community College/The Art
                                                                              Center, Program in Contemporary Crafts
                                                            1994-90     Vice Pres. Board of Directors and Co Founder, Hudson River's Potter's
                                                                               Co-op, Troy, NY
                                                            1986-85     Tutor/Evaluator Ceramic Studies, Empire State College, SUNY
                                                            1984-82     Founder-The Albany Institute and The Frances Simches Gallery
                                                            1982-79     Director of Ceramics, College of Continuing Studies, SUNYA
                                                            1976-72     Kilnhaus, Founder and Partner

ACADEMIC                                      1992          PhD in Ceramic History, Area of Specialization: Prehistoric Ceramics 
QUALIFICATIONS                                              The Union Institute, OH 
                                                            1979          Master of Arts, Pottery and Sculpture, Goddard College, VT
                                                            1972          Bachelor of Arts, Concentration in Ceramics, SUNYA

PUBLICATIONS                              2015          "Japanese Overglaze Enameled Porcelains", Ceramics: Art & 
                                                                                Perception/Technical, Nov 2015
                                                            2012          "Techniques & Tips for Electric Kilns", Ceramic Publications Co, CM
                                                            2012          "The Far Reaching Fingers of the Cloud, Online Teaching" Potters Council
                                                            2011           "All About Iron", by John Britt, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, image and glaze
                                                                                     recipe included. March 2011, pp. 14-15
                                                            2008           "Electric Firing: Creative Techniques", American Ceramic Society, cover
                                                            2007           "Oxidation Reverberation", Ceramics Monthly Buyers Guide
                                                            2005           "Oxidation Reverberation, How the Gas Crisis of the 1970's Influenced
                                                                                American Ceramics, Ceramics Monthly, Sept, pp 66-69
                                                            2008-97      Who's Who of American Women, 20th ed., Marquis Who's Who
                                                            1994           "Aaron's Last Studio", Ceramics Monthly, Sept, pp 110-112
                                                            1992           "Ice Age Ceramics", Ceramics Monthly, Feb., pp 78-79
                                                            1985           Ceramic History Slide Library, NY State Council on the Arts

WEB PUBLICATIONS                    2016           "Moments in Ceramic History", Ceramic History Presentations on
                                                             2011           Ceramics Arts Daily, Featured Artist, March, "A High-Fire Reduction
                                                                                Potter Develops Great Glaze Recipes for Oxidation Firing to Cone 6 in
                                                                                Electric Kilns', by Jennifer Harnetty
                                                            2011            Ceramics Arts Daily eBook, "Techniques & Tips For Electric Kilns", pp 2-5
                                                            2015-08       BLOG- "Writings From Jayne Shatz Pottery", 

PROFESSIONAL                                                 The Clay Connection, Co-Producer, Mid Atlantic Clay Conference
AFFILIATIONS                                                   The Potters Guild of Annapolis, President
                                                                                Maryland Federation of Art, Member
                                                                                MSAC- Maryland State Arts Council, Visual Artist's Registry
                                                                                Art Council of Anne Arundel County, Artist's Registry, Member

VIDEO PRODUCTION                 2015             GLAZING WITH A FLAIR, produced by Jayne Shatz Ceramic Videos 
                                                          2013             MFA, Video of the Month, July, Large Scale Vessel Making
                                                          2012             SLABS, SLABS, and MORE SLABS, produced by Jayne Shatz Ceramic Videos
                                                          2012             BEGINNING THROWING SERIES, produced by Jayne Shatz Ceramic Videos
                                                          2011             LARGE SCALE VESSEL MAKING: Traditional Japanese Throwing Technique
                                                                               Using a Contemporary Blowtorch, produced by Jayne Shatz Videos
                                                          2012             YouTube Videos: short videos of all Jayne Shatz Video Productions; Slideshow of
                                                                               Maryland Pottery Tour, 2010; The Potters Guild of Baltimore Workshop with 
                                                                               Jayne Shatz; The Clay Connection Mid Atlantic Clay Conference Slide Show,
                                                                               Jennifer McCurdy Artwork, Hayne Bayless Artwork

ART ADMINISTRATION           2018-06         Clay Connection, VA, Mid Atlantic Clay Conference, Co-Producer
                                                        2016-12         The Potters Guild of Annapolis, Maryland pottery guild, President
                                                        2013-05         The Potters Guild of Annapolis, Exhibition and Workshop Coordinator
                                                        1994-90         The Hudson River Potter's Co-op, Co-Founder and Vice Pres. of the Board 
                                                        1982               Founder- Albany Ceramic Institute, wrote grants, established educational
                                                                               programs, press releases, advertising

AWARDS/ HONORS                   1994              New York State Museum/United States Holocaust Museum, Washington DC,
                                                                                 "Remember The Children, Wall of Remembrance", Children workshop created
                                                                                  ceramic tiles for the DC Holocaust Museum
                                                       1989               Studio Potter Foundation- National Award for Excellence in Ceramic Education
                                                       1987-85         Artist in Residence- NY Foundation on the Arts Grant

GALLERIES                                                      Maryland Federation of Art, exhibiting member, Maryland sculptor
                                                                             West Annapolis Art Works, annual exhibitor
                                                                             Kent Island Federation of Art, "Environmental Ceramics", Gallery Talk and Wall Text
                                                                             The Frances Simches Gallery, Director Founder, Albany Ceramic Institute                                                                              Kilnhaus Galleries, Kilnhaus Potters, owned two galleries, Slingerlands, Menands, NY 

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS    2016-Permanent  Special Exhibit on Prehistoric Ceramics, Sculpture and pottery, Union College, NY
                                                     2016-06            Maryland Federation of Art, MD
                                                     2013                University of Maryland, College Park, Honorable Mention, Sculpture
                                                     2010                Quiet Waters Gallery, Annapolis MD
                                                     2009                "The Human Form", Kent Island Federation of Art, MD
                                                     2009                "Holding Space", St. John's College, Annapolis, MD
                                                     2008                "Environmental Ceramics", KIFA, Gallery Talk 
                                                     2008                Arts Council, Anne Arundel County, Gala Exhibit
                                                     2008                Commissioner's Office, Centreville, MD
                                                     2007                "Design ala Carte", Gallery Representation, Annapolis, MD
                                                                             SUNY Albany Art Museum, "Artist in the Kitchen"
                                                                             Krasdale Foods Corporate Headquarters, NY, "Invitational"
                                                                             Lynn Kottler's Gallery, NYC, "Three Artists"
                                                                             Brookfield Craft Center, CT
                                                                             Farmington Valley Arts Center, CT, "Ceramics of Jayne Shatz"
                                                                             Albany Institute of History and Art, NY
                                                                             Peters Valley Craft Gallery, NJ
                                                                             Mohawk Hudson Regional Sculpture and Painting Show, NY
                                                                             Two Rivers Gallery, Roberson Art Center, NY
                                                                             The Hyde Collection, NY

WHOLESALE CRAFT                                     Pacific Design Center, CA
                                                                             American Craft Enterprise, NY


SELECTED CERAMIC       "Native American Potters", Hood College, MD
HISTORY LECTURES        "Prehistoric Ceramics", Hood College, MD
                                                "Prehistoric Ceramics Exploring Clay From the Ice Age to the Late                                                    Neolithic, An Inquiry Into Prehistory", Hood College, MD
                                                "Women's Contribution to the Ceramic Field", Clay Connection Mid Atlantic Clay  
                                                Conference, VA
                                                "Moments in Ceramic History", lecture series, www.jayneshatzpottery.com
                                                "Ancient Greece to the Global Present, A voyage in Clay", Hood College, MD
                                                "European Ceramics: The Design of Objects From Ancient Rome to the European
                                                Bauhaus", Hood College, MD     
                                                "Ceramics of the Middle East- From the Middle Mesopotamian Period to the Modern
                                                Era", Hood College, MD 
                                                "History of the American Ceramic Tradition", The Art Center,Troy, NY
​                                                "The Funk Period of the 60's and Its Effect On Contemporary Ceramics", Albany 

                                               "Japanese Ceramics", Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
                                               "History of Ceramics: Ancient Times to the Present", Brookfield Craft Center, CT
                                               "History of Ceramics", eight Week Lecture Series, SUNY Albany, NY

SELECTED STUDIO        Glazing with Flair, Mid Atlantic Clay conference, Jayne Shatz Pottery
 WORKSHOPS                     "Slabs, Slabs, and More Slabs", Rehoboth Art Center, DE, JS Pottery
                                             "Environmental Ceramics-How to create Tiled Tables, Wall Murals and Decorative
                                               Garden Ware", Clay Connection Mid Atlantic Clay Conference, VA; Greenbelt
                                               Pottery, MD
                                              "Ceramic Art For The Wall", Montgomery Potters, MD   
                                              "Large Scale Vessel Making, The Traditional Firing Technique Using A                                                         Contemporary Blow Torch", Creative Clay Studios, VA; Broward Community
                                                    Creative Clay Studios, VA; Broward County Community College, FL; Fulton
                                               Montgomery College, NY; Fletcher Farm Art and Craft School, VT 
                                               five day workshop                                         
                                              "Native American Pottery", Schenectady High School 
                                              "Glaze Calculation" Hudson River Potters Co-op, Troy, NY
                                              "Architectural Ceramic Sculpture: Building A Wall 
                                              "Ceramic Sculpture", Northeast Association for the Blind, Albany, NY
                                              "Ceramics of the Cave, Primitive Beehive Pit Firing", Berne, NY
                                              "The Chemistry of Clay and Glazes", The Art Center,Troy, NY
                                              "Primitive Pit Firing", The Art Center, Troy, NY
                                              "Producing Art History Sides for a Portfolio", NY State Art Teacher's Association

​SELECTED BUSINESS    "Strategies for a Successful Business in Art", Anne Arundel Community College,MD
WORKSHOPS                     Jayne Shatz Pottery. MD; Creative Clay Studios,VA; Peter's Valley Craft Center, NJ; 
                                              Fletcher Farm Art and Craft School, VT;  DeCordova Museum, MA; 
​                                              Weslyn Potters, CT; Westchester YM-YWHA, NY; SUNY Albany
                                              "Business Survival Skills Seminar" (three part workshop), Albany, NY
                                                     a. "Positive Approaches to Marketing Your Art"
                                                     b. "Developing the Promotional Tools of Your Business"
                                                     c. "Practical Business Procedures for the Production Craftsperson" 
                                              "The Business of Production Pottery", Peter's Valley Craft Center, NJ
                                              "The Psychology of Success", Albany County Cooperative Extension, NY