Jayne E. Shatz PhD
ceramic artist


I have been working in clay for over four decades, producing environmental sculpture, wall sculptures, large-scale vessels and functional pottery. Over the years, I have responded to the many social issues of the day, employing clay as a fierce response to political situations. Juxtaposed to this extremely vocal disclosure, I have delved into the instinctive components of my inner being. Sensitivity to the land and the seas has nurtured my work through the inference of organic elements such as seashells, coral, rocks and flowers. I work in varied media, including, porcelain, stoneware, low fire terracotta, raku and primitive firings. 

Although I create intimate sculptural objects, I have continued to work with a high regard to the craft of the potter. I produce objects for daily use and take great pleasure in the idea that people use my work for eating as well as adorning their environment.

These contradictory elements emanate from the duality of my being, and my work is the expression of this self. My art has been a major direction in my life, embracing me with the mysterious and the profound.